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Sweeet R&B Covers Jpop style for oldies

When you were a kid do you remember those ugly songs that our parents use to play? Creating in ourselves an ew sensation... well this album, filled with R&B sounds by jpop singers like MiChi, Claudia SAKURA among others, is a little jewel collection of covers from many artists like Des'ree, Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz Toto, among others. Mostly the songs are oldies from the 80's but they have a new fresh sound, that goesfrom R&B traveling to jazzy sound and pop. This album was released this year and is exellent to chill out and relaxing enjoying those famous songs with a new look. If you don't know the artists who previously sung this stuff it doesn't matter, that's meaningless for enjoying this new versions, even though is probably that some of the mix of sounds and voices will remind you to that ew moment in your childhood but that feeling will be gone. This album is a musical trip to the past, but it worths tho go to that place to find new sounds from the 2000's, mixed up with the songs from the past, creating a completely new kind of work.

Playlist: You Gotta Be / Can't Take My Eyes Off You / Just The Two Of Us / There Must Be An Angel / Ribbon In The Sky / Africa / Human Nature / Remind Me / It Ain't Over Till Is Over / Feel Like Making Love / Best Of My Love / Here We Go / How Crazy Are You