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As usual with some albums, Utada's US debut album "This is the One" leaked to the web almost a week before the official release. This work was produced by Christopher "Tricky" Stewart; who has worked previously with Rihanna, Madonna and Britney Spears among others, and Stargate, a production team who had worked with Ne-Yo and JLo. "This is the One" is mostly a R&B album and it is very different from other Utada's albums that work much better. This album is less propositive than Utada's previous works and it's easy to miss her propositive style of songs like Take5 (Heart Station, 2008) or Kremlin Dusk (Exodus, 2004). This is Utada's third english album (the previous ones were Precious, and Exodus) and it has some suitable songs like the single "Come Back to Me" or "Apple and Cinnamon" but it also has too JLish songs like "Me Muero" or "Dirty Desire". Anyway if you love Hikki you must have it.