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When Jpop Covers West Pop

There are many good songs in the history of music, many of them has stayed and will stay in our minds forever like "Let it Be" (The Beatles) or "Another Brick in the Wall" (Pink Floyd) and many artists had covered those songs, many times for tribute, some others to give their vision of it making a new one.
Is not easy to find a good cover, specially is the song is too good, but sometimes there are very good tries. Here's a top tent of songs that were originally sung by  western artists, but Jpop and Jrock singers had covered. Some are good... some others are not.

10- Dschinghis Khan - Berryz工房
Warning: Stay away from this one if you are not into H!P!!
Berryz工房, Hello! Project kids' group,  made a "nice" cover in their album "Five"  from an almost horrible song of a german group that won Eurovision in the late 70's. Berryz工房 made a good try with this one, is not one of their best songs, actually the song js a little far from goof, but definitely much better than the original.
Dschingis Kahn Original (Suuuuuuuuper funny)
Dschingis Kahn Berryz工房

9- My Heart Will Go On - Yuna Ito
One of the most listened songs that reminds Kate Winslet's hand in a car's window and "I'm the king of the world" (No u're not) This song was listened on the radio, on tv, in restaurants everywhere! and if there was someone who didn't know who was Celine Dion after this song it was clear. Yuna Ito covered this in her latest album "Wish" but she didn't do anything but removing Dion's voice to put hers, which makes it not that interesting.
My Heart Will Go On-Yuna Ito

8- Sugar Baby Love - Yoko Ishida
Original song that was very popular in the 70's by The Rubettes and covered by Yoko Ishida for the op of the anime Chitchana Yukitsukai Sugar (Little Snow Fairy Sugar) in both English and Japanese. Yoko Ishida kept the feeling of the original song with her sweet voice voice, and the music is fine. Both songs are great.

7- Material Girl - Speena Vs Yasuharu Konishi
Maybe now you're wondering WHO DARED TO MAKE A COVER OF MADONNA!!! well Speena did and they did it quite good. Speena's version is not as pop as Madonna's, but their "journey into sound" failed because the voice tends to be a little annoying, but the music is interesting. Good try covering one of the most important pop songs ever, but. not as good as the original.
Material Girl-Speena (interesting video tho)

6- Don't Know Why - Aya Matsuura
This cover is pretty alike to the Norah Jones' original. Matsuura's voice goes very well with the song, and the jazzy sound of the song creates a good mood. Good for relaxing or sleeping (Not kidding). The cover could or not could be better than the original, in this case is a matter of taste.
Don't Know Why-Aya Matsuura

5- Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Tommy February6 / Shiina Ringo
One of the most covered songs ever! This song has covers in almost every language, it's so covered that is hard to know who sung it originally. Well this song is from 1967 and was Frankie Valli's greatest hit ever. Tommy February6 made a very good electro-pop cover of the song in her album "Strawberry Cream Soda Pop Daydream" very good version that has the pop mood with it, but Shiina Ringo's version is a rock proposal that makes it sound very good. In this case both covers are very good proposals for one of the most known songs in history.  
Can't Take my Eyes Off You-Original
Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Tommy February6 (Don't pay attention to the video, is the only1 i found with the song)
Can't Take my Eyes Off You - Shiina Ringo
4- Knocking on Heaven's Door - Angela Aki
Who could imagined that a song written for a cowboy movie was going to be that important? Well, Bob Dylan wrote it in 1973 and made one of the best songs in music history, and is among the 500 greteast songs of all time. This song has been covered by Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Roger Waters, Bob Marley, Aerosmith... Even Avril Lavigne has her version. Angela Aki sings a japanese version of it it in her album "Answer" It's a a very interesting proposal  with Aki's piano and drums. Aki's video version has only pianos, but the album version is more dynamic. Good cover of a good song.
Knocking on Heaven's Door-Bob Dylan
Knocking on Heaven's Door-Angela Aki (Video Version)
Knocking on Heaven's Door (ALbum Version, 1min preview)

3- I Won't Last a Day Without You - Shiina Ringo & Utada Hikaru.
Two of the most talnted japanese voices comes together to bring a cover of the Carpenters' song "I won't Last a Day Without You" and is one of the best covers of this song. They give a musical proposal with their voices singing in duo where the original pianos changed into a music box with beautiful musical arrangements and interesting sounds. Very different from the original, but as good as it.
I Won't Last a Day Without You-Carpenters 
I Won't Last a Day Without You- Shiina Ringo & Utada Hikaru

2- With or Without You - Utada Hikaru
One of the first of many covers Utada has made in her carrer.  She covered U2's  "With or Without You" in her unplugged. This song is one of the most pupular U2's songs from the "Joshua Tree" album and is one of the most popular songs in the world. Utada made a great acoustic cover playing with her voice, pianos and other instrments. Good cover, but the original is just too good to be beaten.
With or Without You-U2 
With or Without You-Utada Hikaru

1- Light My Fire - Murakami Yuki

One of the most popular songs of "The Doors" released in 1967, also one of the most covered ones, is covered by Yuki Murakami in her album "While my Piano Gently Weeps" Murakami created an acoustic version of the song that lies in the line between jazzy and folk, her voice is awesome and gives a different point of view to one of the best songs that had been created. Great cover and great album.
Light my Fire - The Doors
Light my Fire - Murakami Yuki (sorry, i found no video of the song)